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Women in Business: Dr Orla Grimes, The Beacon Clinic

Dr Orla Grimes specialises in Medical Aesthetics, a new trend in modern medicine aimed at improving physical appearance. Such is the demand nowadays that Medical Aesthetics is a recognised speciality in itself.

Where it all began…

I grew up in a house where my father runs his GP practice. After school I was often found in the waiting room chatting to his patients. In the evenings Dad would take me on house calls. I loved seeing the difference he made to people’s lives, both mentally and physically. I admired him and I wanted to do the same.

I met Kambiz Golchin (owner of Beacon Face & Dermatology) in medical school. We were classmates and have remained good friends. When I was training in Aesthetic Medicine I watched him demonstrate at several of the leading conferences. I admired his work so when he asked me to join BFD I felt it was the ultimate endorsement of my own skill and ability and I have been here since!


My biggest challenge to date…

Without doubt it is trying to balance my commitment to work with raising four children, running a home and being married to a Surgeon. The challenge is ongoing, and one that most women, in business or otherwise will identify with I’m sure.

Where my motivation stems from…

Simply the fact that I am doing what I love. I am helping people to look and feel better about themselves.

I feel strongly that people needn’t suffer from common conditions like acne or rosacea, nor from scarring, pigmentation, excess sweating or the likes. These conditions distress people needlessly and I like that I can help.

Many patients are perfectly happy with the changes of their face over the years, others prefer an a more youthful appearance, desiring to look as best they can for their age. In that case subtle, natural looking results can be achieved with medical skincare, anti-wrinkle injections, dermal fillers, skin tightening procedures etc.

For many improving their physical appearance improves their overall sense of wellbeing and it gives me pleasure to enable that too.

The best business advice I can offer is…

Follow your passion. I worked in General Practice and enjoyed treating skin complaints which lead to a post graduate qualification in Dermatology. That stimulated my interest in Aesthetic Medicine and I trained to specialise. Working exclusively in those areas, I’m at my happiest and my best.


Biggest challenge my industry is facing…

Existing regulations are inadequate. They don’t ensure that those carrying out procedures have appropriate medical expertise. Standards vary hugely and the chances of a patient encountering less than the best in terms of products, treatments and aftercare are high. Machines and devices are being used without restriction and there are a vast number of treatments being offered without any scientific proof that they work.

“Free Consultations”, “buy one get one free” and other such questionable advertising trivialises procedures. It distracts patients from seeking out those who are qualified to preform skilfully and safely. Patients should be protected, regulations should be in place to allow them feel secure, knowing that everything will be done to the highest medical standard. BFD was founded almost ten years ago by Kambiz, that speaks for itself. I’ve been trained to the highest level and by the best. To me that is imperative, not just technically, but morally and ethically, because we practice medicine – and our work literally shows on people’s faces.

If I were Minister for Enterprise for the day…

I would liaise with the Minister for Health and expand existing regulations to ensure that services aren’t being provided beyond the competence of people providing them, that patients are protected from inducement advertising and that procedures are taking place in accredited safe venues with access to emergency services, should they be needed. In this, as in all other areas of medicine, patients should receive high quality, safe, professional care and it would be a great days work to see to that.

What I love most about my work…

Going home to spend the evening with my family knowing that I’ve made a positive impact on my patients lives.

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