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World’s Saddest Dog Due To Be Put Down After Being Rejected By Second Adoptive Family

This is heartbreaking.

Pic via Facebook

A lonely Labrador faces being put down if an animal shelter cannot find a home for her and this is after she was given back by her SECOND adoptive family.

The dog, named Lana, was first returned to the shelter in 2015 after she reportedly snapped at the mother of the family but this was due to guarding issues and according to the Irish Mirror, around 4,000 adoption application were made and $15,000 raised for veterinary care, she was also taken home by a second family.

Sadly, she has been returned yet again just before her third birthday.Canadian non-profit Rescue Dogs Match turned to Facebook

“May 14 is Lana’s birthday, she will be three. Please help find her a foster or forever home.

“Lana only has until May 20th.”

She reportedly has been very down since her return to the shelter.

Lana must be adopted by a family in Canada.

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