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X Factor’s Lloyd Daniels has undergone a hair transplant

X Factor’s Lloyd Daniels has undergone a hair transplant and he looks completely different.

The 23-year-old warmed the hearts of the audience during his rise to fame back in 2009.

Via Twitter

In case you don’t remember, the Welsh heartthrob finished in fifth position behind the likes of Olly Murs and Stacey Solomon.

Taking to social media, he has revealed his attempts to recapture his hairline after undergoing a painful looking transplant.

“I hope this inspires some of you to make a step if you feel how I’ve felt for a long time

“Minimal pain during the anaesthetic injections beforehand but complete comfort from both the team and the procedure itself. I’m home now and resting (slightly sore but nothing to moan about and I’m sure it’ll wear off tomorrow.)

“This photo was taken after the follicle removal where the team were able to show me how my new hairline would look. I’m completely satisfied already and will update as the days go in to show you the ‘after’ pictures,” he told fans.

It is some transformation- he still looks pretty good though.

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