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You’ll Either Love Or Hate This Denim Jumpsuit From Penneys

This is definitely either a love or hate item…

And we’re feeling a little bit more on the love side of things today to be fair.

This rather unusual denim jumpsuit has been dividing fans all week, and we can kind of see why.

Not everyone would be able to pull of this daring style, but then again, you could try.

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If you paired this with some summer wedges to add that extra bit of height, and if you throw on a huge sun hat, you’ll be looking like you’ve just walked out of a magazine, or off a runway.

If you wear this with a pair of wellies and a raincoat, you might get a few looks.

This is a piece of clothing designed for the sunniest of days, and at  €20, sure why not give it a go?

Go on, you might surprise yourself!

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